Loo ja mängi omatehtud Minigolfi radu! Super!

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Loo ja mängi omatehtud Minigolfi radu! Super!

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Direct, measure the power and click - Hole In One! You need accuracy to your putts, power to sand barries and pasted tracks. Endless amount of tracks and levels - play on your own or challenge a friend! Minigolf is now new and improved - Super Minigolf!

Logging in

If you are a registered user of Playforia and have logged in with your nickname, you can start playing right away.

If you don't have your own Playforia nickname yet, you will be assigned a random visitor nickname starting with 'anonym' and a number to inform other players that you are a guest. This way you won't be confused with regular players.

If you want to create your own nickname (it's free!), click here.

After logging in, you'll be taken to the start menu where you can choose a single-player game, multiplayer game or the track editor. Please note that the track editor is available for registered users only.

Lobbies and tracks

In both lobbies you may chat with other players in the same lobby using the chat box located at the bottom of the screen. You may also skip from lobby to lobby or go to the track editor by clicking the buttons at the top right of the screen. On the same row of buttons there is also a quit button which will take you back to the Playforia main page.

In Super Minigolf the tracks are divided into three different categories:

  • Official and free for all tracks (20 tracks)
  • Official, not free tracks
  • Tracks made by users


Only the free for all tracks are ready for immediate play. If you wish to have access to all official tracks and user made tracks, you may buy your gaming right with Playforia coins. The purchase will take place in an external window, which will appear if you choose any of the previously mentioned tracks.

Single-player mode

In the single-player lobby, you may choose weather you wish to practise or make records in course sets. You can also watch on-going games.

In the training mode, first choose how many and what kind of courses you wish to play:

  • Free, official courses
  • Official courses (also free ones)
  • Courses made by users
  • All courses (both official and user-made courses)
  • In addition, you can choose weather you allow spectators or not. Finally, click the "Start game" -button.


In the championship mode you play ready made course sets, instead of randomly chosen courses. Choose a course set from the list. After choosing you will see at the right hand side of the screen the records of the chosen course set and your own personal record. When you have chosen your course set, also choose weather you allow spectators or not and click the "Start game" -button. If you wish to view other games, choose a game from the list and click the "Watch game" -button. Please note that all on-going games may not allow spectators. In these games, the "Watch game" -button is not visible.

Multiplayer mode

The multiplayer lobby is divided into three parts: Creating a new game, joining existing games and wathing games.

When creating a new game you may choose the following settings:

  • Max number of players: 2-6
  • Number of courses: 1-20
  • Game name (optional)
  • Type of course: Like in single-player mode
  • Playing order: In turns (each player plays in turns) or all at the same time (all players hit the ball at the same time)
  • Max strikes per course: 5-50 (if player strikes more than the selected amount during one course, the course for this player's part will be over)
  • Turn time limit: 0:10-3:00 (if the player does not strike during this time, the player loses it's turn)
  • Collision between balls: Yes/No
  • Scoring: Least strikes total (all strikes from all courses will be added together), or most track wins total (only the winning order in the courses counts, not the amount of strikes)
  • Allow spectators: Yes/No


When you have chosen your settings, click the "Create new game" -button. Now the game will be created and you will automatically join the game. After this you may invite others to the game or set the game to be free for all users. Inviting others will happen by choosing a player from the chat box user list and then by clicking the "Invite user" -button. If you set the game to be free for all, anyone can join the game without you having to invite them. Note that you can chat with other players even after creating the game. When the game is full, the game starts. The game can start also earlier, if all the joined players click the "Ready to start" -button.

In order to join games made by other users, choose the game in which you wish to join and click the "Join game" -button. Note that all the games listed cannot be joined. Joining some games requires an invite from the game maker. Watching the games happens the same way as in single-player mode.


The idea of the game is as in normal golf, to get the ball into the hole with as few strikes as possible. Each player has his own ball, the balls differ from each other by their color. When it's your turn, choose the direction to which you want to hit by pointing at it with the mouse. By pointing further away from the ball, the aiming line gets longer. The longer the aiming line, the more powerful the stroke. Note that when you move the mouse pointer very far away from the ball, the aiming line does not get longer anymore, which means that the stroke already has maximum power. The more powerful the stroke, the less accurate it is. The ball starts to move by clicking the left mouse button. The direction of the aiming line can be changed by clicking the right mouse button. Then the normal, consistent aiming line shows the real direction of the ball and the dotted line just helps in choosing the right power for the stroke.

In Super Minigolf, there are official courses and courses made by users. The courses are not only grass, walls and water obstacles, but also more peculiar elements can be found. Read more from the section "Course elements".

Game area

At the top of the game you see the game statistics, the amount of strikes, your score from previous tracks and in multiplayer mode the same information of the other users. Information of the course being played is visible at the top of the screen, name of the course, course designer, record of the course and the record maker. You can make new course records yourself, but only in single-player mode and if you are a registered user.

At the bottom left of the game is a text field, in which you can chat with other players or spectators during the game. The players have the right to delete harassing spectators from the spectator list by clicking the "Kick" or "Ban" -buttons.

After the first course, at the right hand side of the chat box will appear an image of the previous course. You can rate the previous course if you wish: thumbs up if the course was good and thumbs down if the course was bad. Note that the rating is for the previous course and not for the course currently being played.

At the bottom, in the far right are the action buttons:
Next track: By clicking this you will be taken to the next course. In multiplayer mode all the players have to click in order to skip to the next track. Note that if you are playing a course set this button will not be visible.
New game: Visible only after the game has ended. You may start a new game by clicking this button. In multiplayer mode more that one player has to click this in order for the new game to start.
Settings: Opens a new window, in which you may edit the graphics and sound settings of the game.
Back to lobby: By clicking this you will ne taken to the lobby or the track editor, depending on which way you entered the game.

Course elements

The course elements are basically the same as in Playforia's original Minigolf. You may read more precisely about the course elements in the game instructions of Minigolf. Some changes compared to the original Minigolf have been made. The illusionary hole and bluff-hole have been removed and no longer exist in Super Minigolf. Many new elements to replace these have been added.

Breaking ice: Ice, that becomes more fragile the more times the ball runs over it. At the end, the ice breaks fully and all that is left is the element under the ice, usually water.

Color holes: Holes in which only a certain color ball can go into. If for example a red ball is hit in a blue hole, the red ball will be taken back to it's original location.

Slopes: Slopes can be indicated in four different directions. When a ball is hit from a slope it rises in the air and can fly for example over walls or water obstacles. You must enter the slope from the right direction, otherwise the ball just skips back or stops beside the slope.

Super acid: If the player's ball gets into super acid, the player loses the course automatically. If the player was playing a course set, the playing of the whole course set will end.

Ball minimizer: When hitting this, the ball shrinks into a miniball and can fit through places it normally would not be able to.

Ball enlarger: When hitting this, the ball turns big and cannot go through places it would normally be able to.

Ball normalizer: Turns the ball to it's normal size after it has hit a minimizer of maximizer.


In the editor you can design your own courses, test them and publish the best ones to be used by other players.

In the editor the editor buttons are located at the top of the screen and the course is at the bottom. The editor buttons are divided into different groups: On the left are the buttons that choose what kind of shapes you wish to use. In the centre you can see the shapes being used and the previously used shapes. On the right, are various tools to help you build your course.

Basic shapess:
In this editor, you can make shapes with which you can build the basic elements of the course such as grass and walls. First choose a shape from the black and white boxes on the left hand side. Now you can choose a shape for both the black and white boxes by clicking the shapes with the left and right buttons of the mouse. The left button of the mouse chooses the shape for the black box and the right button chooses the shape for the white one. You can also choose the slopes for the black and white. By clicking the mouse icon beside the elements and slopes you can change the place of the elements and slopes. When you have made the shape you want, start painting on the course.

Special elements:
In this category are all the special elements, such as track start position and holes. First choose the special element you want to use. You will get a description of the element by moving your cursor on the element box. Now choose a back element for the piece and a slope. The only special shape where the back element has no significance is the jump element. When you have built the shape you want, you can start painting on the course.

Shape palette:
Here you can see what kind of shape is currently in use for both buttons of the mouse. While you are painting on the course, you always have two different shapes to use at all times. The other you can paint with the left button of the mouse, the other with the right. With the arrow button you can switch the shape between the left and right mouse buttons. On the right you can also see the last 27 used shapes. Here you can choose any of your previously built shapes without having to build them from scratch.

Painting: You can choose from three different kinds of painting tools. In addition to normal painting you can choose the fill tool. With the fill tool you can paint a closed area with the shape currently selected. The third painting tool is the stamp tool. First choose an area from the course: click the mouse and hold the button down, move the mouse on the course and let go of the button. Now you can paste the selected area on the course by clicking the mouse button.
Mirror: Flips the course horizontally or vertically.
Move: You can move the whole course into four different directions.
Test: Test your course.
Undo: Deletes the latest action.
Grid: Draws a 4*4 grid on the course which may help with building the course.
Crosshair: Adds a big crosshair element to the cursor to make moving and placing the pieces easier.
Clear: Clears the whole course. This actions can also be undone if you click this action by mistake.

File actions:
Save: Saves current course to the server and you can load it later. Please note that the amount of saves is limited.
Publish: Publishes the track for other users to play. Please test your course well before publishing it. Publishing also costs credits.
Load: Load previous course. Also published courses can be loaded, but you cannot overwrite them.
Delete: Deletes your own old course. Published courses cannot be deleted.
Back: Takes you back to the lobby from which you entered the editor.