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Suur hulk Playforia mänge on ehitatud Java platformile. Palun installeeri mängimiseks Java.

Java installeerimine on kiire ühekordne tegevus. Pärast installeerimist saad mängida Java mänge Playforias ja mujal. Loe lisaks Java kohta java.com

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Saavutatavad medalid

  • Neandertallase lähenemine
    Saavuta tase 20 tegemata ühtegi uuringut.
  • Kaitse Päeva Parim
    Tase: 1 - Võida Päeva Parima võistlus - saad järgmise medali võites 2 korda.
  • Kaitse Päeva Teine
    Tase: 1 - Saavuta teiseks parim tulemus Päeva Parima võistlusel - saad järgmise medali saavutades seda 2 korda.
  • Kaitse Päeva Kolmas
    Tase: 1 - Saavuta kolmandaks parim tulemus Päeva Parima võistlusel - saad järgmise medali saavutades seda 2 korda.
  • Must Lesk
    Ehita 3 tugevaimat mürgilõksu üksteise lähedale.
  • Kahurispetsialist
    Saavuta tase 18 kasutades ainult kahureid.
  • Suurmeister
    Saavuta meistri staatus nii oskuste kui töö medalites.
  • Algaja
    Tase: 1 - 2 mängu mängitud
  • Laserkaitse
    Ehita lasertorn, lisa sellele jõudu ja seadista see tulistamaks nõrgimat putukat.
  • Raketiboikott
    Saavuta tase 30 kasutamata ühtegi raketti.
  • Rahaarmastaja
    Tase: 1 - Säästa raha nii et sul oleks 2000.
  • Algaja
    Tase: 1 - Lõpetatud tase 2 kerges moodis
  • Tõrvaaugu kangelane
    Ehita 81 tõrvaauku ühe mängu jooksul.


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Mängu abi ja informatsioon

Võitle nende vastikute putukate vastu.

Internetis ei pruugi inimesed olla need, kellena nad väidavad end olevat. Ärge jagage oma isiklikke andmeid.


In the lobby, 4 different maps (of different modes) are displayed. When pointing at a map, it's records are displayed above. If you're logged in with your own Playforia nickname, you'll see your personal record as well.

Click the button of one of the four modes to start the game, or click Quit to return to the games page.


In Super Defence, you have to defend the garden path and prevent evil insects to reach the end of the road. They come in from the top and follow the road in the gaming area. These bugs can be destroyed by building defensive weaponry onto and next to the road.

For every bug you terminate, you'll receive money you can use to build and research more weapons. Make sure your defences are good, if a bug makes it to the end of the garden path, you'll loose a live. The game ends when you have no lives left.

You can use the green button on top of the screen to fast forward (skip 5 seconds) through the intermission period.


Click Weapons on the right to open the weapon menu. The construction of weapons cost money, which you can collect by destroying bugs. The money you have is displayed on the right top of the game, next to your score and your lives (above this, you see the game level). If you don't have the required sum to pay for the construction of the weapon, it can not be executed.

The weapon menu displays eight different weapons. Select the weapon of your choice by clicking it - some info about the weapon will be displayed, such as construction time, costs and it's abilities - and then select a place in the play field.

The circle around the building shows how far the weapon can shoot, and you get to see how much space it will take. When the weapon is finished, it immediately starts shooting the gnats within it's range.

Not every weapon is available from the start; some need to be researched first. Click Research on the right to open the research menu and choose a weapon. Do note that research takes time and money, and, you can only research one weapon at the time.


You don't always need to build new weapons in order to improve your defence. You can also choose to upgrade the weapons you've already placed in the field. Click on any of the finished weapons in the field and it's menu will open on the right. You can select Upgrade Weapon or Choose Target.

Select Upgrade Weapon to make the weapon stronger, faster or get a farther reach. The upgrades available depend on the weapon.

Select Choose Target to define a weapon's shooting strategy. By default, all weapons aim at the bug that has managed to get the furthest down the garden path. The target menu allows you choose a different strategy for each weapon. You can fe, choose for a weapon to aim for the weakest or the strongest gnat.

Upgrading weapons takes time too, and while the weapons is under construction for improvement, it's disabled.


If you feel you have no longer use for a particular weapon, select it from the field and click Sell on the right near the bottom. The weapon will be removed and you'll receive a refund, which is part of the money you've spend on building it. You can also sell a weapon before it's construction is finished.


For each gnat you kill, you score points. The amount of points per gnat is equal to the level of the game. If the last killing hit is made by an arrow, you'll get an extra point. However, if your last hit is made by a rocket, you will earn one point less.

Destroying a gnat in level 4 with a cannon: 4 points
Destroying a gnat in level 1 with an arrow: 2 points
Destroying a gnat in level 20 with a rocket: 19 points


The following options are displayed on the right bottom of the screen:

  • Sound: Switch the sound on or off
  • HQ graphics: If the game seems to be slow or jerky, switch off this option
  • Grid: Display/hide a green grid on the map to help you choose a location for a weapon
  • Bug health: Display/hide how much energy each bug has left
In addition to the settings, you can  use these buttons on the right bottom:
  • Pause/Continue: Sets the game to a pause, or continues the game
  • New Game: Starts a new game, you can only see this at the end of the game
  • Back: Returns back to the lobby