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Suur hulk Playforia mänge on ehitatud Java platformile. Palun installeeri mängimiseks Java.

Java installeerimine on kiire ühekordne tegevus. Pärast installeerimist saad mängida Java mänge Playforias ja mujal. Loe lisaks Java kohta

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2. aare05

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3. Ancks

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Saavutatavad medalid

  • Kõik Surnud
    Saa ühe vooru jooksul pihta vähemalt 7 erinevale mängijale, mängus kus on 8 mängijat.
  • Kõik Surnud Peale Minu
    Saa ühe vooru jooksul pihta vähemalt 7 erinevale mängijale, mängus kus on 8 mängijat. Ise kordagi suremata.
  • Bombermania Päeva Parim
    Tase: 1 - Võida Päeva Parima võistlus - saad järgmise medali võites 2 korda.
  • Bombermania Päeva Teine
    Tase: 1 - Saavuta teiseks parim tulemus Päeva Parima võistlusel - saad järgmise medali saavutades seda 2 korda.
  • Bombermania Päeva Kolmas
    Tase: 1 - Saavuta kolmandaks parim tulemus Päeva Parima võistlusel - saad järgmise medali saavutades seda 2 korda.
  • Varustuse koguja
    Kogu vähemalt 20 esemega varustus vähemalt ühe iga erinevaga
  • Varustusesemete ühendamine
    Kasuta 2 varustusesest samaaegselt (kolme sekundi jooksul)
  • Elu pole
    Tase: 1 - Mängi kokku mängu 2 tundi (aktiivse mängu aeg kokku)
  • Kollanokk Kangelane
    Võida vähemalt 6 mängijaga voor, kui teistel mängijatel on rohkem punkte kui sul.
  • Purusta!
    Tapa vähemalt 5 mängijat ühe megalaengu või laserpommiga
  • Lisalaeng
    Kogu vähemalt 10 lisapommi või -laengu laadimist ühe vooru jooksul
  • Kättemaks
    Tapa mängija kes tappis sind eelmises voorus
  • Ellujääja Vooru Võitja
    Võida üks voor (ole viimane püstiseisja) ellujääja mängus kus vähemalt 4 mängijat
  • Surmamängu Vooru Võitja
    Võida surmamängu voor, kus vähemalt 4 mängijat.
  • Erakordne tulemus
    Tase: 1 - Saa 10 või enam punkti
  • Saritapja
    Tase: 1 - Saa kokku 5 kildgranaati ellujääjate voorus, kus vähemalt 6 mängijat.
  • Ellujääja Sarivooru Võitja
    Tase: 1 - Võida 2 järjestikust vooru samas ellujääja mängus. (Mängus peab olema nii palju mängijaid, et iga vooru lõpus saaks auhindu)
  • Surmamängu Voorude Sarivõitja
    Tase: 1 - Võida Surmamängu 2 vooru järjest. (Mängus peab olema nii palju mängijaid, et iga vooru lõpus saaks auhindu)
  • Üllatusrünnak
    Hävitanud teise mängija nähtamatuna või teine mängija on pimestatud valguspommi poolt


Playforia soovitab neid mänge

Mängu abi ja informatsioon


Internetis ei pruugi inimesed olla need, kellena nad väidavad end olevat. Ärge jagage oma isiklikke andmeid.

The Lobby

Once the game is loaded, you'll enter the game lobby.

You can start playing directly by clicking the "Quick Start" button and then choose the game type "Survivor" or "Deathmatch", forwarding you straight to an open game. If you would like to join a specific game (fe. join your friends in a game they are already playing), or create a new game with your own settings, click "Select Game".

In the mid top section of the screen, the top ten of you and your friends are displayed. Click "Change" to change the toplist to be based on a different group, eg. the best of the day (all players / your friends) and the best of all times (keep clicking the button for a different toplist).

On the right you'll find your personal scores, which will be saved automatically if you're logged in with your Playforia account. You can access your detailed statistics by clicking "Detailed Statistics".

Below your personal score, your inventory is displayed. Click "Detailed Inventory" for more information about each item. When you first start, your inventory will be empty, but you can collect special items by winning game rounds and/or buy them for some Playforia coins.

Your inventory is automatically saved if you're logged in with your Playforia account.

Settings And Functions

Once you've joined a game, you join the audience first. You can start playing for real by clicking "Join Game" on the left bottom again. This button is only displayed if there is space available for you to play (and if you haven't joined to play already).

On the left side of the screen you can see all the players in the game. Click the small "Quit" button next to your nickname to return to the audience.

On the right side your inventory is displayed. At the start of each round, you'll receive a special item you can use for that round only (you can not save these items up to play in other rounds/games). Below each item a button is displayed to use the item. You can also use any of the items by pressing F1 to F8 on your keyboard, which might be easier while playing. 

You can enable automatic buying by checking the box next to "Automatically buy" below the inventory. When having this option enabled, you can acquire items without having to win any rounds. Click the "use" button below an item to buy if you don't have it already and use it right away. Do note that these items can only be used once a round.

Uncheck the checkbox next to Sound to disable the sound effects. Click "Settings" at the right bottom of the game to edit more detailed game settings.

The Game

Your goal in the game is to "frag" (kill) the other players to win and gain prize items. There can be 2 to 8 players in the game at once.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character through the game field. When the game round starts, your character is encircled when until you drop your first bomb. If your character does not move when you use the arrow keys, click your character first.

Press your space bar to drop bombs. At the start of each round you can drop only one bomb at a time. You must wait for the bomb to explode before you can drop another.

You can destroy brick walls by dropping bombs beside them. By destroying brick walls you can find extra bombs or fire power. If you get extra bombs, you can drop more than one bomb simultaneously. If you collect extra fire power, the power of your explosions will be greater.

The winner of the round will get a random item in their inventory that can be used in any future rounds. The prize items are only awarded if there are enough players in the game.

Use your bombs to frag other players, but, be careful! You can kill yourself too! If you frag another player you get one point, but if you kill yourself you will lose a point.

There are two game types you can play; Survivor and Deathmatch. Both work slightly different;

  • Survivor: this type of game consist of two phases. First, all brick walls are to be destroyed and items collected. If you get fragged, you respawn, but lose all the extra items you've collected. Then, after all brick walls are destroyed, the game will enter the "Sudden Death" mode. In sudden death, players can't respawn after being killed. The last man standing wins the round.
  • Deathmatch: players will play until someone reaches a certain score. Players do not lose the items they've collected after being hit by an explosion.